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The Middle East Technology Co. Ltd. is a worldwide supplier of new and refurbished ATM parts, Complete ATMs, banking equipment and related supplies. . The Middle East Technology Co. Ltd. also provides maintenance, technical support, parts, and parts repair to costumers throughout the World. With our corporate office located in the Shenzhen, China and with sales and support offices located around the world, The Middle East Technology Co. Ltd. offers global coverage for its customers.

Our Costumers get the best service. Details of price and availability can normally be given within hours of receiving an enquiry and we offer fast order turnaround and delivery to anywhere in the world.

A wide range of mainstream products is available direct from stock and other equipment can be sourced via our international database of users. We deliver the most advanced hardware and responsive services offering cost effective solutions for equipment and maintenance needs.

The Middle East Technology Co. Ltd. deals with mainly following ATM and ATM parts:

  • NCR
  • Diebold
  • IBM
  • Wincor

  • The Middle East Technology Co. Ltd. has special and unique solutions for NCR ATMs.

  • Testing Of NCR56XX/58XX ATMs

  • ATMDESK is a standalone diagnostic hardware and software toolset designed for testing NCR 56xx/58xx series ATMs.

  • NCR ATM PC Core Upgrade

  • This PC upgrade solution makes it possible to use modern software even in old NCR56XX ATMs. Our upgrade kits have various variations for different ATM models.

  • EPP Keyboard for NCR ATMs

  • Our new Product is Compact Vandal-Proof PIN PAD with DES/TripleDES for NCR ATMs.

    MiddleEast offers
  • Refurbished and Upgraded ATMs
  • 3DES EPP Keyboad Upgrade for 4íth and 5íth generation NCR ATMs
  • Pentium-4 PC Core upgrade for NCR ATMs
  • EMV 4.0 Smart Card Reader for NCR ATMs
  • Diagnostic S/W solution for NCR ATMs
  • Original New Parts for ATMs
  • Generic parts production for NCR, Diebold, Wincor ATMs
  • Refurbished Parts
  • ATM Refurbishment
  • Part Sourcing
  • Purchase of used ATMs
  • Repairs
  • Equivalent Parts
  • Training
  • Worldwide Shipments
  • Upgrades
  • Exchange of failed parts with refurbished ones
  • NCR, Diebold and Wincor currency cassette repairing
  • Selling of ATM consumables (Cassettes, cartridges and papers for J-PRT, R-PRT and statement printers)
  • Servis to ATMs in the Field
  • ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Standard
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